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    Our Advantages

    About Executive Hygiene

    With proud 14 years’ experience Executive Hygiene set out with the vision of creating a safe and healthy working environment in other businesses which is reliable and affordable.

    Our superior quality, innovative craftsmanship, site specific solutions within affordability is our motto. We do site surveys for a proper needs analysis to supply the unique solutions to fit your site and employees. With a colour coded survey you will know what consumables you need and when you need it.

    On-Site Visits

    Get a site survey done!

    A site survey includes an on-site visit to see how many bathrooms and cubicles there are in each section of your workspace environment e.g. ablution facilities. Executive Hygiene will highlight potential problems there might be with urinals, like blockages and non-return valves on pipes to name but a few. We review products currently being used and earmark problems that could incur unnecessary expenses to you, the client.

    With large factories there are multiple departments and different working hours. We work out the right application for the amount of users in the various departments. Executive Hygiene then combine all the information collected and propose the right solution that is the most affordable for our client’s needs.

    We also supply our clients with a colour coded survey which helps cleaners to use the right product for the right surface. This helps financial departments to plan their budgets and order the correct stock month to month.

    Training Specialists

    We’re specialised in on-site hygiene training for your cleaners which includes an attendance certificate.

    Hygiene Dispensers

    Partnering with industry brand leaders allows us to offer a wide range of quality crafted hygiene dispensers.

    Waste Removal

    We are in partnership with accredited waste companies for the removal of bio-hazardous waste on site.

    Cleaning Range

    We offer a wide selection of cleaning products, from mops, dusters, microfibre cloths, safety signs, cleaning carts etc…

    Staff Hampers

    We assist with staff refreshment hampers for your factory, admin and office staff on a monthly basis.

    PPE Products

    Executive Hygiene supplies a wide range of PPE products, whatever the need or application!

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