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Microburst 3000 Dispenser

75ml Microburst 3000 Refill

C-cell Batteries (Procell)

Microburst 3000 Anti-Theft Bracket

T-Cell Dispenser

T-Cell Refills

400ml Manual Spray Dispenser

400ml Antibacterial Soap

400ml Instant Hand Rub

400ml Lotion Soap

400ml Seat & Handle Cleaner

500ml Flex Manual Dispenser

500ml Foam Hand Wash (Green Seal)

500ml Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash

500ml Lotion Hand & Body Shampoo

500ml Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Rub

500ml Foam Alcohol Plus Hand Rub

500ml Foam Seat and Handle Cleaner

800ml Foam Soap Dispenser

800ml Foam Antibacterial Soap

800ml Lotion Foam Soap with Moisturisers

Ticra Automatic Refillable Dispenser

5L Pink Hand Soap

5L Liquid Hand Sanitiser

1100ml Automatic Foam Dispenser

Hand Sanitiser Stand Drip Tray

1100ml Lotion Foam Soap with Moisturisers Refill

1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill

1100ml Alcohol Free Hand Rub Refill

1000ml Autofoam Alchohol Plus Hand Rub Refill

1300ml Flex Manual Dispenser

1300ml Foam Hand Wash (Green Seal)

1300ml Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash

1000ml Foam Alcohol Plus Hand Rub

1300ml Lotion Hand & Body Shampoo

Ticra Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

Folded Towel 2 Ply M-Fold (20 x 100)

Folded Hand Towel 1 Ply C-Fold (20 x 100)

Ticra Manual Autocut Paper Towel Dispenser

AutoCut Hand Paper Towel Refill

Ticra Mini Sensor Paper Dispenser

AutoCut Hand Paper Towel Refill

Urinal & Toilet Auto Cleaner Dispenser

Auto Cleaner Installation Kit

Ticra Urica Urinal Screen

Nu Bio Block 50’s

Urinal Dome

Nu-Smell Plus 5lt

12lt Sanitary Bin (Mini Ped)

Sanitary bin Liners (100’s)

SaniSense Bin Powder 5 kg

Sanitary Bin Service Bag

Spray Bottle 750ml with Trigger

Ticra Slimline Wallbin

Bin Liners Small – Smokey Clear

Hygiene Bag Dispenser

Hygiene Bag Refill

Ticra Toilet Roll Holder TR2 & TR3

2 Ply Toilet Paper – Virgin (48)

1 Ply Toilet Paper – Virgin (48)

Ticra Decca Toilet Roll Holder

Decca Toilet Roll Refill

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