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On-site Hygiene Training

Executive Hygiene is unique, we offer on-site hygiene training for your cleaners which include an attendance certificate.

Training will enhance staff morale and happy employees. Training consists of personal hygiene in and outside of work environment; correct cleaning procedures of ablution facilities with reasons and correct PPE to be worn; correct cleaning and floor mopping in other working areas; maintain and refill your hygiene dispensers; correct applications on cleaning chemicals and using of cleaning equipment.


Executive Hygiene is HACCP compliant and we use colour coded cleaning for specific cleaning areas, below is an example of colour codes.

COLOUR CODE RED: Toilet / urinal cleaning:
1 x red bucket; 1 x red pair of shoulder length gloves; 1 x red cloth;
1 x red scrubbing brush; 1 x red doodle bug pad.

COLOUR CODE BLUE: Wash basin cleaning:
1 x blue bucket; 1 x blue cloth; 1 x blue scrubbing brush;
1 x blue doodle bug pad.

COLOUR CODE YELLOW: Showers or in the kitchen:
1 x yellow bucket; 1 x yellow cloth; 1 x yellow scrubbing brush;
1 x white doodle bug pad

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